Personalized Pattern Designs Customized For You.

Patternme is the fashion online store that takes your takes your personality traits and preferences and turns it into unique custom pattern designs for the clothing sold on the website.

Patternme landing
Our Vision

Our Vision

Is to help our customers stand out by providing each one of them with unique pattern designs, by generating the designs with software using each customer’s personality traits and preferences that are collected on the website without putting the customer through the hassle of designing the piece making things easy and simple for the customer.

In Addition

Patternme is eco-friendly because it helps reduce waste, while Other fashion brands mass-produce their products, and a high percentage of production becomes waste or it gets burned polluting our beautiful planet. Patternme manufactures products based on demand.

How Will It Work

1. Select A Product


First you select a product from the wide range of high quality clothing products thats available on the website for your custom patterns designs to go on.

2. Personalize


Once you select a product, the site takes you to an interface for you to input the pattern design requirements.

3. Preview


You can preview the generated pattern and adjust options to your taste and get multiple different pattern designs.

4. Purchase


You can see a mockup of the product with the generated pattern design on it, once the order is confirmed we print the fabric with your custom pattern on it, cut and sew it togther to the selected product and size and ship it to you.